Aqua Fisherrepresents the best Taiwan famers to approach overseasclients that highly demand for safety food & good quality Fry .On the otherhand, Aqua fisher carries responsibility of clients’ expectation.“Honest food & reasonable price” is always our policy & commitment. Let us present you the Taiwan Best.

RAS system farm

  • Farm location: Taitung, Chilhopen
  • Fish Species: Pacific bicolor EEL
  • Capacity:10000 square meter, 28 pools,40 tone live eel(25 tones grill eel)
  • Certificate:SGS report, Taiwan Government approve eel farmer, HACCP, HALAL, EU
  • locate in the East of Taiwan, It's thearea no water, pollution, no air pollution area, healthy environment for living & fish growing.
  • Near pacific Ocean. His baby eel from theclean water and PacificOcean.
  • Japan RAS breeding system, insist no drug for eel breeding.
  • Production stable & Fish rich, healthy.


Mullet Roe farm

  • Farm location:Yunlin,Kouhu
  • Fish Species:Mullet
  • Capacity:18000squareMeter.30000pcs/year
  • Certificate:Taiwan Government TGAP, SGS report, HACCP
  • GOLD color and Fresh (VBN test: 8.65/100G).
  • 100% made in Taiwan.
  • New cabinet dry skill, less 40% salt(735mg/100G)
  • Delightful, fresh full of mouth, no dry and mud smell.
  • Eco-balance to ensure fish & pond quality.

Grouper farm

  • Farm location:Pingtung -Fang Liao,South of Taiwan
  • Fish Species: Giant Grouper , Malaba Grouper
  • Capacity: 40000 sqare meter, 15 ponds 10000-14000pc
  • Certificate: HACCP, Halal, TGAP, SGS
  • Grouper Farm located in south West Coast in Taiwan(Fang Liao) whichwhole year temperature around 20-28 degree. Each of our Pound - we control the salt water around 2%, and Grouper quantity.
  • Water PH & bacteria Control.
  • USE high protein food which require for giant size fish.
  • ECO - balance.